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A new life for the old idea

10 years ago I have created MSR tools: tools for mining software repositories. Its purpose was to solve scientific problems in software defect prediction. Also, it was able to get lots of interesting metrics from version control history. Unfortunately, MSR Tools had some issues making it problematic to use. But now I have something better…

Initially, MSR Tools was designed for SVN and then poorly adapted for GIT. As a result, it had serious limitations with branch processing which makes it inapplicable for most GIT repositories. Another problem was about infrastructure which requires the installation of MS SQL Server. Project configuration via container XML-files was truly unintuitive and user-unfriendly.

But time does not stand still. Ten years ago there was no .NET Core, Docker or React. Now we have it all and it makes things so different. Using some modern approaches I have reimplemented the core idea of old software to make a new one. Meet Repositorch: a version control system analysis engine written in C#.

Right now Repositorch is focused on getting and representing code metrics based on repository evolution. It is easy to use solution, which works on Linux or Windows and allows you to mine some really interesting stuff. Check ten minutes “how to use” guide: