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Fallout 2 blur shader

I don’t like the available global shader for fallout 2 much. So I have made a new one. I could say that it seems to be better, but a picture costs a thousand words.

Click to see full-sized image.

It works with Steam version and looks pretty well for me. Just place shader at \data\shaders under your fallout installation and set “Mode=4” and “GlobalShaderMode=3” in ddraw.ini. For those who remember classic…


With sfall 3.0 and higher you need to use the following mod. Just place shader blur.fx at \data\shaders and script at \data\scripts under your fallout installation and set “Mode=4” in ddraw.ini. It works with high resolution patch. Unfortunatly current sfall 3.1 does not set correct screen resolution for shaders. So you will have to change “resolution” variable in shader blur.fx manually via any text editor. The default is old-school 640×480.

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  1. Josh

    Cool stuff. Thank you. Just got a reason to walk through F2 one more time :)

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